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The LeDroit Chamber Players are a variety of classical musicians who are eager to demonstrate the highest level of artistry through classical music performance and establish beneficial connections with the communities of Washington, D.C. Our mission is to collaborate alongside unique venues and local artists to bring our community members together and inspire progress and compassion for one another. In order to fuel this inspiration, The Ledroit Chamber Players believe that flexible programming and diverse venues will encourage unique and enriching atmospheres during our performances. We are open to working alongside venues such as: schools, homeless shelters, retirement communities, libraries, museums, galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, farmers’ markets, and neighborhood porches or living rooms.


The LeDroit Chamber Players are musicians from the National Symphony Orchestra, the elite United States Military Ensembles, the Washington National Opera Orchestra, and other prestigious institutions, all of whom are committed to the idea that every event is an opportunity to engage with the community through creative partnerships and virtuosic performances.


Founded in LeDroit Park, The LeDroit Chamber Players take inspiration from the community’s artistic lineage, iconic architecture and important historic past.


Music can inspire creativity, tranquility, and joy. The LeDroit Chamber Players believe that music can feed the soul and we are determined to share this passion with our local communities throughout Washington, D.C., one porch or living room at a time.

Who are the LeDroit Chamber Players?

Coming up:

LeDroit Chamber Players at the Atlas Intersections Festival 18

March 4th 2:30 pm

Buy tickets here:

*Use code LEDROIT10 for 10% off your ticket purchase*

This year’s Intersections Festival at the Atlas on H St focuses on Where the Art World and the Real World Intersect.  When we saw this year’s theme, we knew that we had to be a part of it!  One of the main purposes of the LeDroit Chamber Players is to make our musical world meet the real world in unexpected places and in creative ways.  This program will certainly do that!  When discussing Sergei Prokofiev and ballet, most people would be drawn to Romeo and Juliet or Cinderella—some of his most famous ballet music.  However, audiences at the Atlas will be delighted by Prokofiev’s quirky ballet inspired Quintet in G minor op. 39 for Oboe, Clarinet, Violin, Viola and Double Bass. The program will also include arrangements of Brahms’ most well known and stunningly beautiful piano works, as well as a nod to the music of Leonard Bernstein.


Jamie Roberts, oboe

Kristin Bowers, clarinet

Alexandra Osborne, violin

Mahoko Eguchi, viola

Alexander Jacobsen, double bass

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